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Some of Neil Morris's books

I worked in publishing for many years before becoming a freelance writer and editor. After studying German at Swansea University, I got my first job as a lexicographer, compiling a German-English dictionary. Then I lived in Munich, translating, proofreading, and learning how to edit films as well as books. Back in London, I worked as an editor for an educational publisher and got hooked on creating exciting books for children. My publishing career took me on a zigzag course through preschool activity packs, board games, and educational toys, eventually leading me back to books. When I decided to work for myself, I began developing ideas for children's books and approached publishers with them.

Information books
Much of my writing involves information books for young readers. Sometimes I start with a blank sheet of paper or computer screen, but I also like to follow a brief and relish the challenge of turning publishers' ideas into reality. I enjoy researching subjects and working out how to structure a series. Then I try to make the topic – whether it's ancient history, modern geography, or future technology – as interesting and accessible as possible. My work has included word books and junior dictionaries, and I have contributed to large reference works for older readers. You'll find details of my books on the other web pages.

Editorial services
I also have extensive experience in offering the following services:

  • editing, proofreading, and fact-checking;
  • German–English translation;
  • compiling, editing, and proofreading dictionaries.
Thank you for your interest in my work

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