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  cover - The World in the Round

The World in the      Round

(Illustrated by
Sarah McMenemy,
Nextquisite, 2016)

A colourful, innovative atlas in a round format. Covering all countries of the world and packed with fascinating facts and more than 1000 illustrations, this fun book brings our planet to life. It includes app links to video clips that readers can watch on their tablet or smartphone.


cover - Who Travelled to the Moon

Primary Source Detectives

Who Travelled to the Moon?

(Raintree, 2014)
How and what do we know about the select group of lunar astronauts? How were they chosen and what happened to them? This book explores and explains the use of primary sources to find out about the space pioneers’ experiences.

[Series] “These titles provide enough material and research guidance to be good supplementary report choices.”

School Library Journal


cover - How do they make bikes?

How Do They Make Bikes?

(Pearson, 2013)
Where do all the different parts of your bike come from? How are they made and who puts them together? All the answers are in this innovative non-fiction addition to the Bug Club reading programme.

[Series] "Bug Club deserves gushing praise for its design and innovation. … It will help children get the best possible start in their reading journey and enjoy page after page of reading success.”

Teach Primary


cover - How do they make bikes?andheld Gadgets

A Teen Guide to Eco-Leisure

(Raintree, 2013)
How easy is it to think “eco”? This fun, practical title is full of ideas to help teenage readers save energy and waste during their leisure time. From eco-friendly parties to travelling green, there are lots of environmentally friendly tips throughout the book.

“These information-packed guides have a clear message: when it comes to being eco, you don’t have to do everything, but there is no excuse for doing nothing. Teens with a variety of interests will find ways to go green.”

School Library Journal


cover - Handheld GadgetsThe Impact of Environmentalism

The Landscape

(Raintree, 2012)
What impact has environmental thinking had on the world around us? Has the resulting action been useful?

This challenging book looks at the way our changing ideas about sustainability affect the landscape.

“Ample visual evidence shows how lands have been changed by human activities. … Useful for reports as well as for personal enquiry.”

School Library Journal

cover - Handheld GadgetsSci-Hi Science &Technology


Food Technology

Handheld Gadgets


(Raintree, 2012)
These visually stimulating, engaging books have high-interest, informative text and a bold design. They clearly explain the technology behind modern, up-to-date topics.

"The sentences are short and factual, and the writing is engaging. … These books will attract teens who have research projects on these topics or who are interested in the latest technological advances."


[Handheld Gadgets] “Clear and colourful layout, small chunks of text, lots of pictures – all make this an easy read. It would be a good book for adults who want to understand their children's interests too.”

Parents in Touch

cover - What does Space Exploration do for usEarth, Space, and Beyond

What Does Space Exploration
    Do For Us?

(Raintree, 2011)
A thought-provoking look at the challenges, achievements, and failures of space exploration. Highlighting decades of discovery and comparing costs and benefits, the book answers the question posed in the title.

"This handsome astronomy series is very readable."

Library Media Connection

"[The series] would be a lovely addition to classroom libraries and younger grades’ collections."



cover - GlassMaterials that Matter








(Appleseed/ Watts, 2011)
All these materials are vitally important in our modern lives. But what exactly are they, where do they come from, and how to we use them? This exciting series answers these questions and many more for younger readers.

"Glass presents an eco-friendly text that aids in understanding the complete life cycle of glass in the context of the global impact of its creation and disposal."

Children's Bookwatch

[Plastics] "Perhaps a young person reading this book will be inspired to take plastics to an entirely new direction in the future."

Children's Literature


cover - From Fail to Win! Learning from Bad Ideas: Gadgets and inventionsFrom Fail to Win!


Gadgets and Inventions



(Raintree, 2011)
Have you ever wondered what went wrong when discoveries failed spectacularly? These books investigate disastrous ideas, how we learned from them, and the successes that eventually followed them.

"The mix of history, science, and technology is illuminating."



cover - ComunitiesInvestigate



Settlements and Cities

(Heinemann, 2010)
Easy-to-read books for young children that encourage geographical enquiry through an interactive and investigative approach.

"The content is sure to engage students and spark discussions and further questions. Recommended."

Library Media Connection


cover - Green KidsResearch It!

The Industrial Revolution

(Heinemann, 2010)
What is research and how do you set about it? A practical guide for 11+ readers that deals with internet study, reference books, organizing facts, checking sources, forming opinions and presenting them, all in the context of the Industrial Revolution.

cover - World of History: Late Medieval EuropeWorld of History




Asian Civilizations

Beyond Europe

Late Medieval Europe

Voyages of Discovery

Settling the Americas

Asian and African Empires

Industrial Revolution

Enlightenment and Revolution

Nationalism and the Romantic Movement

The Great War

Versailles to World War II

The Cold War

(McRae/ Watts, 2009–10)
History presented in an exciting, visual form. Each 48-page book concentrates on an important period in human history, presenting it with informative text, facts and timelines.

"Their effectiveness lies in the combination of lush illustrations, well-chosen, captioned photographs of contemporary artefacts, and reasoned, concise narratives. … A superior choice."

School Library Journal

"An excellent introduction to students, either in the classroom or out."

Children's Literature

cover - Energy Now and in the Future: Geothermal PowerEnergy Now and in the Future


Biomass Power

Fossil Fuels

Geothermal Power

Nuclear Power

Solar Power

The Energy Mix

Water Power

Wind Power


(Appleseed/ Watts, 2009)
A balanced series that deals in detail with the major issues surrounding energy use, especially its environmental and social impact throughout the world.

"An excellent, short, complete, and balanced introduction to the uses of energy in our environment … presents a framework for exploring the need for thoughtful and careful policymaking and stewardship of our planet."

Science Books & Films

"Visually appealing and informative. … These books will be useful to students researching energy sources, as well as to the general information reader."

Library Media Connection

"* * * * Very good"

Books for Keeps



cover - 365 Awsome Facts and Records abut Nature365 Awesome Facts and

   Records about Nature

(McRae, 2008)
A large-format 176-page book bursting with facts, figures and records about the world's plants and animals. Includes quizzes and games.


cover - Green KidsGreen Kids


Looking After My Environment


Saving Energy

Saving Water

(QED, 2008)
Introducing young children to environmental issues in an engaging and entertaining way, these books are packed with facts and fun activities.

"What a fantastic new series! … This series will be a great addition to any collection. The books will fit in well with a non-fiction lesson or will be perfect around Earth Day to help inspire future environmentalists."

Library Media Connection

"These books are highly engaging, emphasize important scientific content, and provide excellent suggestions for actions we can all take to improve the environment."

Science Books & Films


cover - KnightsMaking History




(with Sue Nicholson, Q2A/ Watts, 2008)
These books bring history to life by combining fascinating facts with imaginative craft activities.

cover - DraughtsLibrary of Natural Disasters



Heat Waves



(Arcturus/World Book, 2008)
This series explains the science behind natural disasters, giving fascinating examples of the forces of nature at work around the world.

"Not only satisfies curiosity, but uses the science of disasters to ground fascination in knowledge. … An excellent reference source. … Many library media specialists will want an extra set to circulate."

School Library Monthly

cover - Do We Have a Right to PrivacyWhat Do You Think?


Do We Have a Right to Privacy?

· Should Drug Cheats Be Banned for Life?

(Heinemann, 2008)
Innovative books that encourage 11+ readers to form their own opinions about privacy rights and drug abuse in sport. An interesting range of viewpoints inspires critical thinking.

"This is a very good series of social conscience readers. … I really liked this series because it helps the reader learn to think through a topic and not just copy material out of a book."

Library Media Connection

"Students are encouraged to form opinions based on credible information and reliable sources."

School Library Journal

cover - Living in the ArcticWorld Cultures

Living in the Arctic

(Raintree, 2007)
An informative insight for younger readers into the modern and traditional lives of the Inuit people of Nunavut, Canada.

"This informative, colourful set brings to life the people of many interesting parts of the world. … Recommended."

Library Media Connection


cover - Lost CitiesAmazing History


Lost Cities


(Q2A/ Watts, 2007)
Exciting books for younger readers on popular topics. Lost Cities include Angkor, Mohenjo-Daro and Tikal, while Pirates need no introduction!

[Lost Cities] "A book which lives up to its intriguing title. … Anyone with an ounce of romance in their soul will enjoy this book."


[Pirates] "Frequent chatty sidebars make for an attractive layout that won’t overwhelm young readers. … This engaging treatment is a good choice for browsing, as well as for history units."



cover - North and East AsiaRegions of the World



North & East Asia

(Heinemann, 2007)
In-depth information on the continents' natural features, economic development, culture, health and politics. Highlights include present-day and future issues and challenges.

"This fine series offers a detailed look at the regions of the world. … These books will make a good addition to any collection. … Recommended."

Library Media Connection


cover - Global Warming?What if we do nothing?

Global Warming

(Arcturus/ Watts, 2007)

Imagine what the future might be like if we ignore the challenges of global warming today. A book for older children and young adults that includes information, statistics, debates and 2020 scenarios.

"These [series] titles are valuable, timely introductions to the study of global problems, stressing to readers that 'doing nothing is not an option'."

School Library Journal

"This series is a compelling collection of very real world issues … would be an excellent resource for any library."

Library Media Connection

cover - Amazing Space?Amazing Space


Amazing Space

Amazing Sun

(Pinwheel/ School Specialty, 2006)

Tabs, flaps, wheels, acetates and other mechanical features bring the universe to life in these fun, full-of-facts books for younger children.

cover - Energy SourcesEnergy Sources


Biomass Power

Fossil Fuels

Geothermal Power

Nuclear Power

Solar Power

Water Power

Wind Power

(Appleseed/ Watts, 2006)

A detailed and balanced look at the world of energy, presenting the facts, discussing important issues and looking to the future.

"This makes an excellent resource for a science classroom. Useful for generating discussions related to energy use and how different countries are approaching these issues."

Children's Literature

cover - Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?Making Healthy Food Choices


Do You Know What's In Your Food?

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Food for Sport


(Heinemann, 2006)

This lively and informative series deals with nutrition and healthy eating for 11–14 year olds.

"There aren't many books out there that examine all aspects of food in such detail."

School Library Journal

cover - SaltEarth's Resources



Diamonds & Other Gems

Gold & Silver


Oil & Gas


(Appleseed/ Watts, 2005)

An in-depth exploration of some of the world's most interesting natural treasures. Each resource has its own fascinating story in terms of geology, human use and impact on the environment.

[Gold & Silver] "Clearly written and very well illustrated, with a pleasant mix of text and photos."

[Oil & Gas] "The writing style is clear and refreshing … I recommend this book."

Science Books & Films

cover - City ExplorerHabitat Explorer


City Explorer

Seashore Explorer

(Raintree, paperback 2005)

Journeys of discovery, showing how animals and plants adapt to their environment.

"A useful series of books. … The presentation is clear and attractive."

School Librarian Journal

cover - Everyday Life in Ancient EgyptEveryday Life in Ancient Times


Ancient Egypt (McRae/ British Museum Press, 2003)

Aztecs, Incas & Maya

Native Americans

(McRae/Smart Apple, 2003–05)

Uncovering history with see-through pages, showing how people lived in ancient times.

[Ancient Egypt] "Another wonderful publication from the British Museum Press. … This book is very accessible, … colourful and easy to read. An excellent introduction to ancient history and everyday life for Key Stage 2."

School Librarian Journal

"This book is ideal for any child that is interested in the everyday lives of the ancient Egyptians."

public review, British Museum website

[Aztecs, Incas & Maya] "This book is just right for interested upper elementary age students."

Children's Literature


cover SeasonsOur World


Living & Growing

Rocks & Soil




(Chrysalis, paperback 2005)

Simple books for younger readers, introducing them to science and nature in the world around them.

cover - Living at the CoastWhere People Live


In Cities

At the Coast

On Islands

By Lakes

In the Mountains

By Rivers

(Appleseed/ Watts, 2004)

A fascinating look at how people live in different environments around the world.

[Islands] "Reading this book will be an eye-opener … [it] will attract young readers and it'll feel at home in a kid's library."

Children's Literature

cover - MosesMasterpieces of Art


Jesus, a life in pictures

Moses, a life in pictures

(McRae/ Book House, 2004)

Exploring masterpieces of religious art by some of the world's greatest artists, including Botticelli, van Eyck, Michelangelo, Poussin and Raphael.

[Moses] "Children as young as 8 will be able to 'read' the superb reproductions thanks to the accessible text, while both Key Stage 3 and 4 students will find much that provides a challenging and engaging commentary on familiar stories."

Times Educational Supplement

[Jesus] "This book does an excellent job of putting each work in context … a tremendous resource for art, religion and history courses."

Children's Literature


cover - Earth's Changing ContinentsLandscapes & People


Earth's Changing Coasts

Earth's Changing Continents

Earth's Changing Deserts

Earth's Changing Islands

Earth's Changing Mountains

Earth's Changing Rivers

(Raintree, paperback 2004)

Introducing the Earth's major landforms and investigating how they have changed through natural causes and human intervention.

[Rivers] "This is a well produced, informative book. … The text is clear, but is anything but simplistic. … This is not a picture book with words, but a well illustrated information book. It can certainly be commended to all primary school libraries."

School Librarian Journal

[Deserts] "A fascinating insight ... packed with interesting information, clear, readable text ... and a comprehensive index rounds off this valuable resource."

Junior Education

Mega Book of Aircraft

(Chrysalis/Alligator, paperback 2004)

Discover the most amazing planes on Earth, learning about the history of aircraft and how they work.


History Makers


Air Pioneers


Modern World Leaders

(Belitha/ Chrysalis, 2003)

Biographies, each book telling the dramatic stories of ten men and women who made history and changed the world in which we live.

[Air Pioneers] "Immensely useful for readers who want an overview of most of the major players in aviation's history."

Children's Literature

[Astronomers] "This compact volume presents a wealth of astronomical and biographical information embedded in a rich historical context."

Science Books & Films


Great Cities through the Ages: London

(McRae/ Enchanted Lion, 2003)

A highly illustrated history, from Roman Londinium to 21 st -century London.

"Readers will be amazed with the intriguing information."

Children's Literature

World's Top Ten







Mountain Ranges



(Belitha/ Chrysalis, new edition 2003)

Highlighting the biggest and best that the world has to offer, including the longest rivers, largest deserts and deepest caves. The books have been translated into ten languages.

"Packed with information. … All juniors would find these books interesting and helpful in their research projects."

Primary Geographer

"The books are very readable."

Library Talk

[Oceans] "Excellent fact-filled pages."

Times Educational Supplement

[Caves] "This is a very user-friendly book and an ideal source to dip into for information."

School Librarian Journal

Natural Disasters



Hurricanes & Tornadoes

(Ticktock, new edition 2003)

A detailed look at natural disasters – why and where they happen, and what effect they have on local communities.

[Earthquakes] "Morris' book is a good choice to get kids hooked on the natural world and the awesome power hidden within the earth."

Children's Literature

Atlas of Ancient Egypt

(McRae/ Watts, 2001)

A wide-ranging, highly illustrated survey of more than 3000 years of Egyptian history.

"The Atlas of Ancient Egypt provides a fascinating introduction to the history and culture of the Nile valley."

Times Educational Supplement


Discovering World Cultures: Music & Dance

(McRae/ Crabtree, 2001)
Discover the rich variety of music and dance celebrated around the world.

"This is an excellent volume in the Discovering World Cultures series."

Resource Links

"A presentation that is as informative as it is entertaining."

Midwest Book Review Journal

Life in Victorian Times


Home & School

Sport & Leisure

Travel & Transport

Work & Industry

(Belitha/ Chrysalis, paperback 2000)

Exploring life in the 19 th century and exciting developments that affected the lives of both rich and poor.

"Invaluable source books for school discussion or project work."

Library and Reference Review

"The mixture of the (very) general text and specific illustration is beguiling."

Books for Keeps

Travelling through Time






(Belitha/ Chrysalis, 1997–99)

The history of transport, from the very beginning to the 21 st century. Written for 8–12 year olds, with a simpler version for 7–9s called Past and Present .

"A useful mix of text and illustrations, all clearly assembled and presented."

Library and Reference Review

[Ships] "For children fascinated with the world of transport vehicles, this book will prove captivating."

Children's Literature

Wonders of Our World









Rivers & Lakes

Rocks & Minerals


(Crabtree, 1998)

A lively introduction to the world's natural wonders.

"Great series! … These books will prove much more memorable than competitors on the same subject because they blend simplicity with an effort to entertain: kids will find them bright, colourful and appealing."

Midwest Book Review Journal

[Oceans] "A beautiful and informative book. Morris makes the world of oceans come alive with vivid photographs, colourful illustrations and clear text."

Children's Literature

[Rocks & Minerals] "This book would be a great gift to stimulate the development of a young person's interest in the earth sciences."

Journal of Natural Resources

[Deserts] "A rich source of knowledge and a pleasure to peruse."

Children's Literature




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