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African Myths

Native American Myths

(Arcturus/ Watts, 2008. Paperback, 2012)

The amazing adventures of gods, heroes and fantastic animals are brought to life in these simple retellings of magical myths.


First Words


First Book of Words

First Arabic Words

First Chinese Words

First French Words

First German Words

First Italian Words

First Polish Words

First Russian Words

First Spanish Words


(Oxford University Press, new editions 2009)

Thematic first word books for very young children, illustrated by David Melling. Published in nine different language editions.

"Children will love referring to [the pages] time and time again to help develop their reading and writing skills."

School Librarian Journal

"Iím sure that this series of books should prove a great benefit in the school, nursery or home environment."




Oxford Beginner's German Dictionary

(with Roswitha Morris, Oxford University Press, 2006)

An easy-to-use bilingual dictionary with all the words and phrases beginners need.


Children's Illustrated Dictionary

(with John Grisewood and Ting Morris, Miles Kelly/ Parragon, 4th edition 2005)

This large-format starter dictionary for children reached number 4 in The Bookseller top-ten chart for children's non-fiction.


Sticky Fingers




Growing Things



No-cook Cooking



(with Ting Morris, Watts, new edition 2004)

Imaginative craft projects presented in an easy-to-follow way and including information and fun facts.

"The manner in which these books introduce information is what makes them special."

Library Talk

"Imaginative interpretations of each subject."

Junior Bookshelf

The Illustrated Bible

(retold by Neil and Ting Morris, illustrated by Francesca d'Ottavi, McRae/ Eagle Publishing, 2004)

More than a hundred of the most significant stories from the Old and New Testaments, retold in clear language.

"This book would make a marvellous resource for the whole family, with elements that all ages can appreciate."

Christian Book Club

Children's First Atlas

(Horus, 2nd edition 2003)

A fun and informative atlas, designed to introduce young children to the world around them.

Wallace & Gromit's Wacky World of Knowledge

(with Steve Parker, Chrysalis, 2002)

Two famous characters explore the world and beyond in their search for knowledge.

Magic Fact Machine: Planet Earth

(with Jay Young, Chrysalis, 2002)

A fun information and quiz book that magically gives the reader the right answer every time.

Get Going! Martial Arts




Kung Fu


(Heinemann, paperback 2002)

Introducing popular martial arts to youngsters, focusing on key skills and providing historical, cultural and safety information.

Mega Quiz Challenge & Super Quiz Challenge

(Chrysalis, 2002)

Quizzes with a difference: more than 1000 multi-choice questions, presented as a sliding book in which you dial the question to find the answer.

Children's First Encyclopaedia

(Miles Kelly/ Dempsey Parr, 3 rd edition 2001)

An encyclopaedia for young readers, with sections on Earth & Space, Science, Human Body, Animals, Long Ago and People & Places. It reached number 2 in The Bookseller top-ten chart for children's non-fiction.

Fun Finding Out


Amazing Animals

Deep Deep Space

Our Wonderful World

Your Incredible Body

(Miles Kelly, 2000)

Fantastic facts, projects, quizzes; fun and learning for young readers.

Oxford Starter German Dictionary

(with Roswitha Morris, Oxford University Press, 2 nd edition 2000)

A revolutionary dictionary designed to give a comprehensive introduction to German, covering the vocabulary new learners need in their first years of study.

"The best laid-out dictionary I've seen." "Better and clearer compared with other dictionaries, with extremely useful examples."

Teacher reviews, OUP

Oxford German Cartoonstrip Vocabulary Builder

(with Roswitha Morris, illustrated by Claire Bretécher, Oxford University Press, 2000)

Short cuts to German vocabulary for the things young people really want to talk about.

"A refreshing and colourful alternative to the usual vocabulary books on the market."

Association for Language Learning

"One-page stories have lively, true-to-life characters and make learning German enjoyable."

Day By Day

Children's Activity Atlas

(Belitha/ Chrysalis, 3 rd edition 1998)

Combining an informative look at people and places with an introduction to maps and simple map-reading activities.

"An exciting introduction to the fascinating study of geography for young readers."

Junior Focus

"This atlas is a very good introduction to looking at maps."

Primary Geographer

"Provides a clear and concise introduction to maps and map-making."

Library Review

Action Sticker Books


Birds & Reptiles







Wild Animals

(Miles Kelly/ Dempsey Parr, 1998)

Sticker books packed with information.

Disney Books


101 Dalmatians


Beauty and the Beast


Jungle Book

Lion King

Little Mermaid

Oliver & Co.


Rescuers Down Under

Sorcerer's Apprentice

(Scholastic, 1990-97)

Exciting 32-page stories based on Walt Disney Pictures' films.


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